Our Mission

About us

BioSiculà was born twenty years ago; It is on the south-oriental coast of Sicily, in Avola.

More than firm we prefer to define us a family that  boasts the experience of generation of producers who have love for their land and their passion of agriculture.

Since 2006, we have embraced the bio-protocol that through annual audits to certify the authenticity of the products.

The short supply chain is synonymous warranty irreplaceable in terms of wholesomeness and purity of the products that no brand can ever match.

The production includes a wide range of citrus fruit: orange, lemons, grapefruits, mandarins, clementines, avocadoes, all from the unmistakable Sicilian taste.


Our Mission

We want to create a group of people aware of what they buy, who want to return to healthy habits of upon a time when we consumed seasonal products.

We want to give back dignity to the agricultural job, to the small local producers who are victims of a capitalistic and globalized system and they are crushed by the colossuses of the great chain of distribution.

We want to restore dignity and hope to our land that has now become a land of emigration and where who borns and grows up he is forced to to try their luck elsewhere  to build a decent future because all hope to find their own space in their own land is broken by a rotten and corrupt system.

We want to be sicilians who believe in Sicily and in its potential, investing in their own land looking to the future with confidence and optimism.

We want to sensitize the consumers to acquire a critical spirit towards what they eat; to eat healthy means to eat biological, to eat biological means to accept the aesthetical imperfection in name of the salubriousness of the taste.